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Need a laugh???

​Sometimes you just can't make this stuff up. BFF Cleaning always brings in our own vacuums, mops, rags, cleaners, etc. We love supplying this for all of our clients because it is one less thing they have to shop for, especially if we are there weekly or bi-weekly. Anyway, we use RubberMaid spray Mops... you can find them at Target and Lowes, they run around $20.00 and our clients love them so much that I now see them in our clients homes. Our mops usually last us around a year or longer depending on the care and if you not dropping it constantly.

The other day we go into do a "move out clean". The house is completely empty and it was the 7th house of the day, so we were getting a little giddy... now keep this in mind. We are greeted with open arms from the client and of course we stand and talk for a bit, she leaves and I break into my cleaning mode. My business partner is in one area of the house and I in another... the kitchen to be exact. The cabinets are done, counters, appliances, wall and floor is ready to be mopped. I get the spray bottle from the mop go over to the sink fill it up with hot water and our cleaner, put the bottle back in the mop, spray a few squirts on the floor, push the mop forward and I find myself falling quickly to the floor, mop stuck in my hand, legs moving in every direction but the way I feel the need to go, eyes all of a sudden closed, and finally my face meets the floor! I hear off from a distance.... "Is everything ok"???? I roll over onto my back laughing to the point tears are rolling down my face and yell back "Yup, I broke the mop"!  The floor was washed hands and knee style and I can't thank God enough for the solid fact that my partner was not in the room... he would never let me live this down.

"OCD" it's not a catch phrase!!

Often I receive "hate mail" because some feel that by my company's name having OCD in it, I am making fun of people who are in fact OCD. That could be further from the truth. I myself am OCD. We all have our differences, you may be OCD about how your furniture is placed, or how you wash your dishes, or even how you place your clothes in the closet. My OCD comes form an obsessive need to clean things until it is as perfect as I can possibly make it. After every attempt made, I will beat myself up after leaving a house wondering if I missed this or missed that and it will drive me up a wall until I hear from the homeowner that everything was great. My other obsession is carpet lines... yea I know may sound stupid but, if my carpet lines are not on point or someone steps on them after I vacuum, I will re-vacuum the whole room again. I spend on average 15 to 20 minutes per room just with the vacuum. Now, over time I have gotten faster at perfecting these carpet lines but one line not straight, oh Lord watch out.

When I picked my business name it was not to poke fun of or to make someone feel like being OCD is a joke or even a bad thing... I was taking what I felt was a negative within my own personality and turning it into a positive for many of my clients. I want them to know that yes I am OCD and I love the fact that God gave me this gift.  If God wouldn't have blessed me with being obsessive about so many things in my life, BFF Cleaning wouldn't be what it is today. So please do not take the business name as me being mean, it simply showing some light on something that makes us very special and talented. 

XOXO, Melissa

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