Completed Charleroi home. 

BFF Cleaning - OCD at its finest, Inc.

Elite Package Client - Love bringing the light down for cleaning.... it's the small things in life that amuse me.

BFF Cleaning was called in by a Realtor to help clean out this home in Charleroi. These are pictures prior to the cleaning. 

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Home away from home.... A beautiful winter home that sits in the heart of Seven Springs. A blessing that was granted to BFF Cleaning to clean. A great weekend filled with cleaning and beautiful views.

20,000 Square Foot House Construction Clean. This was a great deal of work but also the greatest accomplishment my team has pulled off.  Not only was the homeowners thrilled but they have asked BFF Cleaning to help maintain the home on a weekly basis. 

Photo Highlights.....

724.914.3754 Cell /  724.485.2031 Office

Post Construction Clean March 2017

Post Construction Clean at Gateway Towers. Unfortunately I was unable to get after pictures but the homeowner was very satisfied and has become a regular client with BFF Cleaning.

BFF Cleaning - OCD at its finest, Inc.

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