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BFF Cleaning is now proud to announce we are fully invested in Construction Cleans. Whether it is a  brand new home, or an existing home with a new addition, we are here to help!  We take great pride in turning a construction site into your new home or office space!  We work side by side with some of Allegheny and Washington Counties' top Construction Companies. Our Construction Clean experiences range from small starter homes to very large multi-million dollar homes.

Depending on the square footage of your new home, Construction Clean prices may vary. We will make arrangements to meet the homeowner to discuss all available options and needs. Construction Cleans can take anywhere from 1 full business day to 14 days, depending on the size of the home and type of construction.

Post Construction cleaning


BFF Cleaning offers Commercial Cleaning unlike any other. With our Commercial Cleaning, we guarantee that your work environment will be as clean as possible for your employees and especially your clientele. We specialize in sanitation of office material and equipment.  As well as common areas such as: doorways, kitchens, and bathrooms.  Our company uses the best in all natural cleaning products for the perfect clean in any office setting. We will do our best to keep your office environment as healthy and productive as possible, all your round.

Commercial Cleaning is priced per square footage. Call today to setup a consultation with Melissa.

BFF Cleaning offers you 3 affordable packages to choose from. Each package gives the homeowner the flexibility to choose the package that is right for their lifestyle and budget.

Note: Packages can vary based on size of house.


Basic Package: 

This is your basic surface clean with the OCD touch. Plus, we disinfect all your surfaces all year round to keep your family healthy.


Pet Plus Package: 

This package includes:  your surface clean with the OCD touch. In addition to your normal dusting and vacuuming,  appliances and baseboards are cleaned with each visit along with finding and removing pet hair. Mini blinds, windowsills and ceiling fans are cleaned every other visit. Plus, we disinfect your surfaces all year round to keep your family healthy.


Elite Package: 

This package offers the homeowner with each visit our Basic package, Pet Plus package, Plus wipe down of the kitchen cabinets, stainless steal polishing, linen changing, interior window cleaning (exceptions apply) and, yes we will disinfect all surfaces year round with this package as well! 


***All packages available and fees are based on square footage and compatibility of the homeowners need for their home.***

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 Commercial cleaning


We have several individualized packages, including: basic window wipe down which removes the finger prints, nose prints from our furry, four-legged family members, and of course, this includes the windowsills. However, during a clean, we focus on the main windows. 

With our window cleaning package, we focus on cleaning all of your windows and windowsills. This is an internal & External window clean of the home. Pricing for our Window Cleaning will be assessed during the time of the initial home visit.

window cleaning


As we all know, home organization is key in running a successful household. Sometimes, our lives are overwhelmed with work, kids, pets, and just life in general. BFF Cleaning can and will help you maintain an organized home. During our cleaning process, you will see that we help organize things that may be a little out of place. We focus on organizing, especially if the homeowner has said to us "I don't know what to do in here", or "I just have no clue what I am suppose to do with that". BFF Cleaning will help you solve the organization puzzle and take the time to understand the homeowners routine in order to help organize their spaces to their specific needs.


Home Organization pricing is based on an hourly rate. This service starts at $12.00/hour, but no more than $20.00/hour depending on amount of organization needed. Melissa will meet with the homeowners to assess the job; and then meet again to discuss the available options. During this time, she is able to get an idea of what the homeowner truly needs. Part of BFF Cleaning's mission with organization in the home, is that the homeowners are able to gain a little bit of peace in their every day lives. And Melissa gives them the tools to maintain a more productive, organized home.  

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Have you ever looked up to see the layer of dust on your ceiling fan? Have you ever gotten the"itch" to rearrange your furniture but, its just to messy? This is just a few areas we touch during a deep house clean. A deep house clean is something most people do not even consider mainly, because it is so much work and lets face it, who truly has the time to do it and to do it right?  A deep house cleaning is everything you can think of that needs done inside the home. For example; wall dust, dirt, smoke, germs, bacteria. These all end up on our walls handrails, counters, flooring, and carpeting, throughout time. During a deep house clean, our company offers a safe method of cleaning using environmentally safe products to remove pathogens from every surface. Removing bacteria and germs from your home helps your family stay healthier and live a better and more active life.


Deep Home Cleans start at $300.00 for an average size 3 bedroom / 2 bath home. Finished basement & laundry rooms may be included for an additional fee. However, having an immaculate home is a small price to pay for your families health and well being.